Armenia Tourism – Ten Armenia Tourist Attractions

Are you looking for Armenia Tourism? When you visit a new country, most important thing to decide is to what places to visit in that country. Every country has some places that are the attractions for tourists. These places are a kind of an identity to the country. Some of these places are the reason of the popularity of the country. Let us see what the ten Armenia Tourist Attractions are.

10. Tatev Monastery:

It is a kind of a ruined castle in the Syunik province of Armenia. To reach this place we need to go through rivers and valleys first, and then we reach huge castle kind of place that is only for tourists to visit, no other purpose is left for this place. Previously it was a castle for royal people and then monks used to live there.

Armenia Tourism, Tatev Monastery

9. Lesser Caucasus Mountains:

Snowcapped mountains from top view and if seen from the ground level, there are small villages spread all over the valley. They have some really good variety of items to offer to the tourists to buy, a must visit when in Armenia for few or more days.

Armenia Tourism, Lesser Caucasus Mountains

8. Armenia Tourism – Public Square:

You will come across this square when travelling in the streets of Yerevan. It is British architecture, made right in the middle of a street and surrounded by flowers and fountains adding to its beauty.

Armenia Tourism, Public Square

7. The Monastery of Geghard:

In a valley full of rocks, this masterpiece is carving out of rock, and surrounded by cliffs and mountains, which is definitely something very unique to be seen in a place full of rocks.

Armenia Tourist Attractions, The Monastery of Geghard

6. Armenia Tourist Attractions – Garni:

Garni is a name of a village in Armenia and situated at places where Azlat River defends it to the fullest. Sights is this village make it worth visiting, most prominent of which are the temple and the church which are in very bad condition now but still has lot of treasure of watching to offer.

Armenia Tourist Attractions, Garni

5. The Cascade:

It is an art gallery on the top of the mountain. The staircase that leads to the top is full of greenery and art pieces while above is the art gallery, but has a very good view of the city from the top as well.

Armenia Tourist Attractions, The Cascade

4. Khor Virap:

Mount Ararat bottom place is famous because of this monastery come old place. May Armenians come here to pay pilgrimage because this place is thousands of years old.

Armenia Tourism, Khor Virap

3. History Museum Of Armenia:

History museum if Armenia is the best place to be seen in Armenia when it comes to ancient things. It is an old place where monuments are kept and stored with great care, and must visit place when in Armenia.

Armenia Tourist Attractions, Armenia Tourist Attractions,

2. Victory Park:

This is a city park situated in the Yerevan city, and the best of amusement places of Armenia, where many people go daily for recreation purpose.

Victory Park

1. Karahunj Observatory:

You can call this place the Stonehenge of Armenia, despite the fact that it is way too older than the place now famous as Stonehenge. It is said to be one of the first man made structures that were made by humans on earth.

Armenia Tourism, Karahunj Observatory

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