Brazil Tourism – Top 10 Brazil Tourist Attractions

Are you looking for Brazil Tourism? Latin America is said to one of the beautiful places of the world and Brazil is also one of the place sin Latin America. Tourists attractions in Brazil are too may, but if your trip is a short one, you must visit these top 10 Brazil tourist attractions.

10. Ouro Preto:

It is a whole city in Brazil with all buildings and structures dating back to 18th and 19th century. All churches, residential buildings as well and streets and all are made of old legendary architecture.

Brazil Tourism, Ouro Preto

9. Teatro Amazonas:

Amazon theatre is an art piece with materials brought from all over the world. One special thing about this theater is that it is an opera house with dome of national flag colors. Performances were started in this opera in 1897.

Brazil Tourism, Teatro Amazonas

8. Fernando De Noronha:

It is beautiful place with landscapes, mountains and islands with wonderful heights and amazing sceneries to provide soothing effects to the viewers.

Brazil Tourism, Fernando De Noronha

7. Brazil Tourist Attractions – Olinda:

It is also called historic centre of Olinda because of historical importance. It is situated on the north coast of America with many bars, restaurants and hotels because of the whole city being a tourist attraction.

Brazil Tourist Attractions, Olinda

6. Salvador Beaches:

Salvador is the capital of state Bahia of America and is famous for its beaches. Salvador beaches are famous all over the world for its beaches. Amazing soothing environment to ease the stress out of mind.

Brazil Tourist Attractions, Salvador Beaches

5. Pantanal:

One of the most famous wetlands of the world, with wildlife able to be seen there. Jaguars are rarely seen commonly, but here at pantanal you can see them for sure.

Brazil Tourist Attractions, Pantanal

4. Rio Carnival:

Rio carnival takes place in the Rio de Janeiro city of brazil, and in that carnival you can see the several parades, activities, music and lot of good food for anyone who attends this carnival and is guaranteed to be entertained for sure.

Brazil Tourism, Rio Carnival

3. Amazon River:

One of the beautiful rivers around the world with a science of some grass combined with waters. Combination of blue waters and green grass is surely an amazing sight to be seen, and provides ultimate pleasure to nature lovers.

Brazil Tourism, Amazon River

2. Brazil Tourism – Iguaçu Falls:

These gigantic waterfalls lie between Argentina and Brazil and the falling waters are horrific enough for some people to scare them, while for others it can be a source of enjoyment and miraculous way of nature to tell that it can do anything.

Brazil Tourist Attractions, Iguaçu Falls

1. Christ the Redeemer:

It is a famous statue of Jesus is Rio de Janeiro. It is 130 ft. tall and an iconic thing to be seen in Brazil and was obviously made to show respect for the great Jesus.

Brazil Tourist Attractions, Christ the Redeemer

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