Brazilian Cities – Top 10 Cities In Brazil by Population

Below is a list of ten most populated Brazilian Cities and the reasons for this dense population can be any factor including high birth rate, low death rate, migrants and others.

10. Porto Alegre:

Capital and largest city of Brazil and in terms of population it comes on 10th position in Brazil. This city has an honor to host World Cup FIFA 2014.

Brazilian Cities, Porto Alegre

9. Recife:

This city was founded in 1537 and former capital of Brazil. The main metropolitan region of Recife is based on industrialized zone. Where the products extract from cane, ships, oil platforms, electronics and others. The presence of historic sites and beaches. This city is considered as one of the most attractive place for tourist.

Brazilian Cities, Recife

8. Curitiba:

Curitiba city has the honor to host 2 FIFA world cup one was in 1950 and second was on 2014. In terms of population, Curitiba is on 8th largest city of Brazil and it is the capital of Parana. The Economy of Curitiba is the fourth largest economy of Brazil.

Brazilian Cities, Curitiba

7. Manaus:

This city was founded in 1693-94 and 7th highest populated city of Amazonas in the north region of Brazil. This city also hosted the FIFA world cup 2014 as this city is in the middle of Amazona. This city has free port, international airport and manufacturing hub for chemical products and electronics.

Brazilian Cities, Manaus

6. Belo Horizonte:

This is the first planed city of Brazil which is surrounded by mountains, because this city has lot of hills and the sixth largest city of Brazil in terms of population. This city also has the honor to host FIFA world cup in 1950 and 2014 and share the host of 2013 FIFA confederations cup.

Brazilian Cities, Belo Horizonte

5. Fortaleza:

In terms of population this Brazil city is on 5th position and it is the state capital of Ceara. This city also had an honor to host FIFA world cup 2014 and FIFA confederation cup in 2013 and it is the big tourist place for domestic Brazilian people.

Brazilian Cities, Fortaleza

4. Brasilia:

It is the federal capital of Brazil. Federal government of Brazil along with congress, president and Supreme Court all are in Brasilia. UNESCO has chosen World heritage site because of its modern architecture and unique urban artistic planning.

Brazilian Cities, Brasilia

3. Salvador:

Also called Sao Salvador and Salvador da Bahia is the capital of Brazilian state of Bahia and 3rd largest city in terms of population. The city has the football stadium with sitting capacity of almost 56,000 people. Who hosted the world cup of 2014 and confederation cup 2013 and will host the matches of summer Olympics in 2016.

Brazilian Cities, Salvador

2. Rio de Janeiro:

Is the 2nd most populated city in Brazil and sixth largest city in America. The GDP of this country is the 30th largest of the world. The football stadium of this city hosted the Final FIFA world cup of 1950, 2014 and Federation cup final 2013.

Brazilian Cities, Rio de Janeiro

1. Sao Paulo:

Sao Paulo one of the most popular and considered as wealthiest city of Brazil and ninth most popular city on earth. In terms of population wise this city is on 1st position and in terms of GDP this city is the 10th largest city in the world.

Brazilian Cities, Sao Paulo

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