French Cities – Top 10 Cities Of France by Population

France is although not a very densely populated country, but in every country there are some cities which are thickly populated as compared to others. French Cities? Let us see the ten most populated cities of France.

  1. French Cities – Lille:

    On the way of London, Paris with beautiful located near to Belgium. Famous for its architecture stone art work increase the beauty of this old town. The average population size of this town is around 225,000.

French Cities, Lille

  1. Bordeaux:

    This city is famous for its wine and considered as world largest producer of wine. Most of wines are premium and world most expensive wines. A number of great politicians and politician are the residents of this city. The average population size of this town is around 240,000.

French Cities, Bordeaux

  1. Montpellier:

    It is the eight largest cities of France and one of the fastest growing countries from the last 25 years. It is the capital of Languedoc-Roussillon region. The population is about 275,000.

French Cities, Montpellier

  1. Strasbourg:

    It is the capital of Alsace, after the Second World War it was separated from Germany but still it remains in proud due to its rich background. The beauty of this city is increased in the presence of European parliament, human rights courts and Europe council.

Cities Of France, Strasbourg

  1. Nantes:

    It is the sixth largest city in France in terms of population of around 285,000. This city has the honor to be considered as most livable city in Europe and hold the title of Green European Capital in 2013.


  1. Nice:

    5th largest, famous area of France and also called Nice la Belle the meaning of this Nice the beautiful which became the unofficial anthem of nice in 1912.

Nice French City

  1. Toulouse:

    Standing on 4th position in France in terms of population. The structure of their house is mainly on mud bricks and when the sun reflects the lights on building during sunrise the color of building look like appearing pink color because of the reason this city also called as pink city.


  1. Cities Of France – Lyon:

    It is the 3rd largest city in terms of population and the second largest urban area after Paris. Lyon is the capital of Alpes region. Tourist love to go Lyon as it is the largest tourist place and playing the important role to strengthen the French economy.

French Cities, Lyon

  1. Marseille:

    It is the second largest city of France and the 3rd largest metropolitan area in France. The population is around 850,000.

Cities Of France, French Cities

  1. Paris:

    It is the capital of France and it is situated in the heart of France regions. It stands on 1st position in terms of population size of around. 2.5 Million And it is famous for its fashion hub. The fashion trend of France is followed by people throughout the world.



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