French Tourist Information – 10 Places To Visit In France

Are you searching for French Tourist InformationFrance is one of the most attractive and romantic places as considered by the world, and as seen by the eyes of every other couple. Paris has to top it all, however, Eiffel tower being on top of the list, we must not forget about the other tourist attractions in France too. Let us see ten best Places To Visit In France.


10. Grotte De Font De Gaume:

This is one of the most attractive and most visited tourist points in France. It is a cave including the series of prehistoric paintings which is showing the back to Stone Age. It is amongst the caves that are still open for public.

French Tourist Information, Grotte De Font De Gaume

9. D-Day Sites:

Consider as one of the largest and crucial scene in history, the Normandy beaches and other D-Day sights are among the top tourist attractions of France. Visitors can view the beaches themselves, museums examining the history of D-Day as well as the locations of operations by Special Forces and airborne troops.

French Tourist Information, D-Day Sites

8. Pont Du Gard:

One of the most beautiful and longest ancient bridges. Where the tourist can walk out to catch the roman beauty. This walking is  on the bridge is around more than 1 and half hour and this bridge is also showing the artwork of engineering technique that were built by roman.

French Tourist Information, Pont Du Gard

7. Carcassonne:

Carcassonne which is also called La Cite is equipped in southern France whose position is strategically important between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic led. There are lots of place to see at Carcassonne, including its incredible double fortified 3 km walls and 52 towers.

Places To Visit In France, Carcassonne

6. Nimes Arena:

It is also known as Nimes amphitheatre considered as one of the best preserved Roman amphitheatre in the world. It is one of the most attractive tourist places in France now days where people can explore the Roman spectators.

Places To Visit In France, Nimes Arena

5. Musee Du Louvre:

This is the museum that is catering more than 35,000 works from the world and throughout history. This museum holds the Eastern and Egyptian ancient times, Greek, Etruscan, Roman Antiquities, Islamic art, paintings as well as drawings.

Places To Visit In France, Musee Du Louvre

4. WW1 Battlefields:

World War 1 battlefield is believed as one of the attractive tourist place in France. That reminds us the sad time of history that cannot be forgotten. Either it can be trenches of the Somme or it is the solemn cemeteries.

Places To Visit In France, WW1 Battlefields

3. Mont Saint-Michel:

Mont Saint, one of the historic villages in Normandy. It is one of the major attractive sights of france, and nothing else can beat its beauty.

French Tourist Information, Mont Saint-Michel

2. Palace of Versailles:

It is also known as Chateau de Versailles, located in the lle-de-france region of France. It is famous tourist place obviously because of its beauty.

French Tourist Information, Palace of Versailles

1. Eiffel Tower:

This is the world famous iron testimonial in France and most visited tourist place in France. Visitors come over there and love to see the views through climb or use life to reach on first floor or second floor. One of the expensive views can be seen from third floor. This is approximate 276 meter high from second floor.

French Tourist Information, Eiffel Tower

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