Haunted Hotels – 10 Scariest Hotels in the World

It is widely believed that ghosts or spiritual creatures do exist on our planet: in the form of weird creatures or also in the form of many humans. While some people do believe in their existence, some falsify their existence and think all of it as a joke. But let me tell you guys, this is not a joke. Ghosts DO exist! Some ghosts seem to be extremely friendly, while others destroy your peace at any place. Ghosts are mostly seen in those areas where some awful tragedy had been triggered in the past. Their souls remain trapped there and terrorize any person visiting that location. Of many different places, hotels are widely known to be haunted due to some tragedy stricken there. Some popular haunted hotels in the world are:

  1. Hotel Chelsea. New York

Located in New York, USA, Hotel Chelsea was built around the years 1883 and 1885. Many visitors here have experienced sounds of footsteps, cold air and flickering of lights. It is said that Sid Vicious stabbed her girlfriend Nancy to death here and also a poet Dylan Thomas died at this hotel by a fatal coma. Well, Sid and Dylan are still roaming around in this hotel.

Haunted Hotels, Hotel Chelsea. New York

  1. Talbot Hotel Oundle. England

Talbot Hotel of Oundle was built using some ruins and pieces of the famous Fotheringay Castle where Mary Queen of Scots was tried before court and then beheaded. She used to walk on her staircase in the Castle, later incorporated into the hotel. People have seen Mary roaming on that staircase, the furniture has been moved and her portrait is flying through the wall.

Haunted Hotels, Talbot Hotel Oundle

  1. Hotel Castello Della Castelluccia in Rome, Italy

This hotel has been renovated was originally the Castello Della Castelluccia Castle. Along with many beauties of the castle, comes the dark side. People have seen three ghosts wandering the hotel; one of Emperor Nero and some spectral horses wandering through gardens.

Haunted Hotels, Hotel Castello Della Castelluccia , Rome

  1. Queen Mary. California Haunted Hotels

Queen Mary was a luxurious cruise ship used by celebrities but during 2nd world war, it was used mainly as a troopship. After the war was over, it returned back to its original luxury. In 1967 it turned into a floating hotel and since then, visitors have seen spectral women dressed in late 30s style wandering around and cries of children can be heard as well.

Haunted Hotels, Queen Mary, California

  1. Oatland Park Hotel, Surrey

This hotel is the reconstruction of a 16th century palace built by Henry VIII for his new Queen, Anne of Cleves. This hotel is said to be haunted by a lady in grey who actually threw herself from this hotel and her body was found near room no. 1313, where visitors have reported paranormal activity.

Haunted Hotels, Oatland Park Hotel

  1. Fairmont Banff Springs Hotels. Banff, Canada

This medieval styled hotel is said to be haunted by a ghost of a bride, who died moments before walking down the aisle. Many visitors have also reported seeing a bellhop, called Sam who actually died in this very hotel. People usually have encountered him, but before they tip them, he vanishes. He took his job too seriously I guess.

Haunted Hotels, Fairmont Banff Springs Hotels

  1. Russell Hotel. Sydney, Australia

During the outbreak of bubonic plague and smallpox, this hotel served as a hospital. It later became common to sailors but one seaman never wanted to leave. Many people have experienced a shadow looking at them in the same room in which that sailor stayed and also many spectral women are seen wandering around.

Haunted Hotels, Russell Hotel. Sydney

  1. Grand Hyatt Hotel. Taipei, Taiwan

This hotel was built on the land where once a prisoner camp for the 2nd word war existed. There were so many deaths experienced in this hotel and even Jackie Chan, the star was seen running out of his hotel room because he had seen a ghost. Hotel management has installed religious instruments to block all these ghosts.

Haunted Hotels, Grand Hyatt Hotel

  1. Ballygally Castle Hotel. Larne, Northern Ireland

Ballygally Castle was built around 1655 but was later turned into a hotel. Prior to that it was the property of James Shaw who imprisoned his wife in a room, where she killed herself. Later James was also poisoned. These two entities have been encountered by visitors in the Hotel and Madame Nixon, a beautiful lady in an elegant dress; along with sounds of children have also been encountered.

Haunted Hotels, Ballygally Castle Hotel. Larne, Northern Ireland

  1. Le Pavillon Hotel. New Orleans

This hotel has encountered a number of 5 ghosts. A girl Adda, killed in the hotel by a carriage, a couple holding hands and roaming around, a women in a black dress who might be the worker of the hotel and a young hippie, barefoot, running around the lobby jumping into walls. One ghost is fine but FIVE? I’m good at my own place, Thank you!

Ballygally Castle Hotel. Le Pavillon Hotel. New Orleans

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