List Of Mexican Holidays – Fifth of May, Revolution Day, New Year

Public holidays are kind of a bonus for people in every country all over the world. If it falls on any day other than weekend, it is treating for all. But other than just enjoying the holiday, each of the days off has a story or reason behind it. Let us see the list of Mexican Holidays and the reason behind those holidays.

10. New Year’s Day:

Like other countries of the world, 1st January is also considered as public holiday in Mexico on account of New Year celebration.

Mexican Holidays, New Year’s Day

9. Constitution Day:

It is one of the Patriotic holidays in Mexico and consider as public holiday to celebrate the 1857 and 1917 constitutions. Usually this holiday observed on 1st Monday in the month of February.

Mexican Holidays, Constitution Day

8. Benito Juarez Birthday:

This holiday is celebrated on 3rd Monday of March to celebrate the birthday of President Juarez on March 21 1806. He was the first president of Mexico.

Mexican Holidays, Benito Juarez Birthday

7. Mexican Holidays – Labor Day:

Labor Day is considered as public holiday to commemorate to Mexican workers. Usually Labor Day is public holiday in most of the countries.

Labor Day

6. Independence Day:

Every country has its own independence day, likewise on September 16, 1810. Mexicans got the independence and became an independent nation and emerged on world map as a country hence this day is considered as public holiday in Mexico.

Mexican Holidays, Independence Day

5. Revolution Day:

20th November 1910 was the day when Mexican revolution began by Francisco and since then to commemorate this historical revolution in Mexico this day is considered as public holiday.

Mexican Holidays, Revolution Day

4. Change of Federal Government:

After every six years on 1st December, new government takes the charge in Mexico and the new president is elected through voting by the Mexican public. Therefore new president oath ceremony takes place on this day and become the public holiday in Mexico.

Change of Federal Government in Mexico

3. Christmas:

It is Christian religious holiday and it has been made by all European, African and American countries and consider as public holiday on all around the world except Muslim countries. As Mexican is South American country and on 25th December celebrate the Christmas day.

Mexican Holidays, Christmas

2. Mexican Army Day:

It is celebrated on 19th of February to celebrate the foundation of Mexican army in 1913. To Honor the army of their country it is noticed as public holiday in Mexico.

Mexican Army Day

1. Fifth of May:

This holiday is also celebrated in USA as well as in Mexico. When Mexican army won the war against the French forces on 5th may 1862. This was led by Gral.

Fifth of May, Mexican Holidays

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