Malaysia Cities – Top 10 Cities By Population

Largest Malaysia Cities: Although, Malaysia is not among the highly populated countries of the world, but there are a lot of individuals that reside in this country. Some of them are natives; others are here as nationals but from some other origin, while many of the people in Malaysia are here only for their work.

Malaysia has almost total 50 cities, towns and municipalities if we count it combined. Cities are expected to be densely populated than towns and municipality. Some factors of high population is some areas could be the wider area of the place, greater job opportunities, lot of natural resources or ease of living.

Here we have compiled the top ten lists of Malaysian cities according their population as per the census of 2010.

10. Alor Setar:

This city is the second largest city of Malaysia area wise. Alor Setar is the capital of Kedah state of Malaysia and is the tenth largest populated city with a population of 405,523.

Malaysia Cities, Alor Setar

9. Kota Kinabalu:

This city is also known as KK in Malaysia and internationally. This city has the 9th largest population in Malaysia being 452,058. KK is the capital of Sabah state of Malaysia.

Malaysia Cities, Kota Kinabalu

8. Melaka Bandaraya Bersejarah:

This city is the capital of Malacca state of Malaysia with the 8th largest population among all cities of Malaysia. The population of this city is counted to be 484,885.

Malaysia Cities, Melaka Bandaraya Bersejarah

7. Johor Bahru:

This city has the seventh largest population among all the Malaysian cities. The population of this city is 497,067. It is in the extreme south of Malay Peninsula.

Malaysia Cities, Johor Bahru

6. Johor Bahru Tangah:

This city has a population of 529,074 in total. It is also located in the Johor state of Malaysia and it is the sixth highest populated city in the country of Malaysia.

Malaysia Cities, Johor Bahru Tangah

5. Petaling Jaya:

This city of Malaysia was given a status of a city in 2006, before that it used to be satellite town of Kuala Lumpur. Its population is 613,977 being the fifth highest population in Malaysia. It is in the Selangor state.

Malaysia Cities, Petaling Jaya

4. Shah Alam:

This state is the capital of Selangor state of Malaysia. It got the place of the capital when Malaysia became the federal capital in 1974. Since then its population is increasing and has now reached to 641,306 which is the fourth largest population for a Malaysian city.

Malaysia Cities, Shah Alam

3. Ipoh:

This city is the capital of the Perak state of Malaysia with a population of 657,892. It is one the biggest cities of Malaysia and third largest in population.

Malaysia Cities, Ipoh

2. George Town:

It is the capital of Penang state of Malaysia. It is considered among the biggest cities of Malaysia and second highest with respect to population. Its population is 708,127.

Malaysia Cities, George Town

1. Kuala Lumpur ( Malaysia CitiesĀ ):

Kuala Lumpur has always got the highest place among all the Malaysian cities. It is the federal capital as well as the biggest and the most highly populated city of Malaysia with a total population of 1,588,750.

Largest Malaysia Cities, Kuala Lumpur

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