Top 10 Austria Tourist Attraction – Hallstatt, Innsbruck Altstadt

The government of Austria has greatly succeeded in keeping its art, history and culture alive in its tourist locations and that is what makes Austria one of the top most visited countries in the world. Here is the list of top 10 Austria Tourist Attraction.

10. Austria Tourist Attraction – Melk Abbey:

Situated on a high cliff in Lower Austria, Melk Abbey is one of the oldest and famous monasteries in the world. It is situated alongside the calm and smooth Danube River and was converted to a palace of learning and tranquility in the year 1089. It is a beautiful model of the traditional architecture, showing the musical and arts tradition.

Austria Tourist Attraction, Melk Abbey

9. Vienna State Opera:

Vienna, the capital of Austria, has a variety of mesmerizing tourist attractions, one is the State opera. It is a clear description of the Austrian architecture and is designated as being the most celebrated opera house. It has a wide orchestra and also has the most famous operas and ballets in history.

Austria Tourist Attraction, Vienna State Opera

8. Seefeld, Tyrol:

Located in Tyrol state of Austria, Seefeld was traditionally a village that turned into a ski resort tourist attraction. This place has organized Winter Olympics two times and is famous for its beautiful terrain that supports beginner as well as professional skiers. It is populated in summers for strolls and hiking and is famous for its luxurious resorts too.

Austria Tourist Attraction, Seefeld, Tyrol

7. Hohensalzburg Castle:

Located in Salzburg, Austria, Hohensalzburg Castle is situated on top of a hill named Festungs Berg. This castle is home to an organ with more than 200 pipes named “Salzburg Bull”. This castle is a beautiful representation of the medieval architecture and is one of the most visited tourist spot in Austria.

Hohensalzburg Castle

6. Hofburg Imperial Palace:

This palace is situated in Vienna, and is the official home of the Austrian President as well as part of it is designated as the work place. It was opened in 1279 and is famous for its exquisite Baroque architecture that inspires architects all over the world to visit and get mesmerized by its beauty.

Austria Tourist Attraction, Hofburg Imperial Palace

5. Innsbruck Altstadt:

Innsbruck is the capital city of the state of Tyrol and is surrounded by beautiful and lush snow-capped mountains. It overlooks the beautiful Alpine range and is famous for its ‘dual personality’ i.e. having an immaculate landscape and also an urban center too. A landmark called Golden Roof is famous here having copper tiles that create the illusion of Gold. It surely is truly immaculate.

Innsbruck Altstadt

4. St Anton am Arlberg:

This place is also an old village in Tyrol turned into a ski resort. It is also extremely famous all over the world because of its dangerous and tricky terrain for extremely professional skiers. It is not only flooded with tourists in winters for skiing but in summers people visit to Enjoy the landscape by trekking and hiking along the vast mountains.

Austria Tourist Attraction, St Anton am Arlberg

3. Grossglockner Alpine Road:

This road is an extremely beautiful, smooth and panoramic road that takes you up to the amazing Kaiser Franz Josefs Höhe Visitor Center. From that center, you can view the beautiful Grossglockner Mountain, Austria’s highest mountain. This road is a tall one, and extremely curvy. The expenses are a bit high, but the scenery is worth your bucks.

Austria Tourist Attraction, Grossglockner Alpine Road

2. Hallstatt:

Making its way to no.2 in our list, Hallstatt is a beautiful village in Austria, located in the Salzkammergut mountainous region.  This place is actually a large salt mine, producing salt, overlooking a large and beautiful salt lake. The 16-th century styled houses and restoration of this area was done due to the earnings from salt production. It has an impact on the economy, and therefore is restored every few years by the Officials too.

Hallstatt, Austria Tourist Attraction

1. Schonbrunn Palace:

The most visited and most beautiful place in Austria is the Schonbrunn Palace situated in Vienna. It was formerly the summer residence of the President of Austria. This place is a detailed explanation of the beautiful traditions, architecture, culture and history of Austria and its people. This Palace has a number of spots like Privy Garden that is actually a zoo, a maze and a marble summerhouse is situated here as well. This makes the Palace a complete package of Attractions.

Schonbrunn Palace, Austria Tourist Attraction

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