Top 10 Cheapest Places Europe – UKRAINE, HUNGARY, SPAIN

EVERYONE LOVES TO TRAVEL. There is no doubt about that. Travelling offers you the freedom and independence to do everything your own way. Europe is one of the most travelled places in the world. Europe is an extremely beautiful continent consisting of numerous mesmerizing locations that tourist dream to visit. But while they are beautiful, accommodation and reaching these places becomes heavy on the pockets. On the other hand, there are some beautiful countries that are cheap on the pocket too. We’ll be discussing top 10 cheapest places Europe, this list might come in handy.


Greece just might be the place to stay in Europe if your budget is a bit tight. Greece is located in the southeastern part of Europe and is an extremely beautiful and one of the oldest countries. It is known as giving rise to the Western world. Greece, on one hand, has beautiful architecture and old landmarks in capital city Athens, but also has new age beaches and party resorts. You can find accommodation at $1800 per month.

Cheapest Places Europe, GREECE

9. Cheapest Places Europe – SPAIN:

Spain is a beautiful architectural city located in EUROPE on the Iberian Peninsula. It consists of different Islands but each is Unique and beautiful in its own kind. Spain’s accommodation charges are exactly same as Greece but what is a bit better in Spain is the quality of the accommodation. Better food, living and utilities.

Cheapest Places Europe, SPAIN


Located on the Baltic Sea in Europe, Poland is an extremely beautiful country famous for its Exquisite cuisine, medieval architecture and their Jewish Heritage. It has beautiful Salt Mines and tunnels for people to explore. Accommodation in Poland takes almost $1680 per month from your pocket.

Cheapest Places Europe, POLAND


Hungary is located in Central Europe and is a landlocked country. This country has an extremely rich history and culture which has been adopted through ages by the Turkish, Roman, Slavic and Magyar cultures. Here you might only spend 1470 per month.

Cheapest Places Europe, HUNGARY


Croatia is a beautiful country located in the Eastern part of Europe. It is famous for having Old age Renaissance and Gothic building. This country is spread along the Adriatic Sea. It has numerous diverse museums and medieval towns. Here accommodation is about $1380 per month.

Cheapest Places Europe, CROATIA


Serbia is located on the Balkan peninsula in the southeastern part of Europe. Serbia has vast mountains and Communist age fortresses and architecture. Not only that, Serbia is famous for an amazing nightlife, having floating nightclubs. It only costs $1290 per month, for accommodation in Serbia.

Cheapest Places Europe, SERBIA


Bulgaria is located on the Balkan peninsula in Europe and is famous worldwide for its Heritage, culture, music, dances, crafts and costumes. Looking at Bulgarian culture, you might see a mixture of Ottoman, Persian, Greek and Slavic cultures. Accommodation in Bulgaria costs you about $1200 per month.

Cheapest Places Europe, BULGARIA


Montenegro is a medieval country that got independence just recently in 2006. It has beaches along the Adriatic coastline and has old age villages. Montenegro is most famous for the wildlife it supports, the Durmitor National Park, different glacial lakes and the most famous Tara River Canyon. Accommodation in Montenegro costs about $1160 per month.

Cheapest Places Europe, MONTENEGRO


Romania is located in the central part of Europe, in the region of Transylvania. Romania is famous for the Dracula legend, and mountainous regions where people go for trekking, skiing, hiking and enjoying spas. Accommodation costs about $800 per month.

Cheapest Places Europe, ROMANIA


The most cheapest, but still the most beautiful country, Ukraine is light on the pocket yet heavy on the eyes. Ukraine is located in the eastern part of Europe and is famous for its medieval architecture. It has Cathedrals, churches, beautiful mountains and of course, the old-age tombs and relics, famous for holding mummies. Accommodation in Ukraine costs about $750 per month. WELL I’M LEAVING FOR UKRAINE, THEN!

Cheapest Places Europe, UKRAINE

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