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Every now and then we hear about countries that we hadn’t heard about before. But when we start coming to the right place to search about them ,we are amazed by the beauty and the life that place can offer. Just like that, I recently came to know of a place called ‘FIJI’. On searching about it, i got to know that it is located in the South Pacific Ocean in Melanesia. Fiji consists of numerous islands and its capital  is SUVA. The currency of Fiji is Fijian dollar and its population is about 881,065. Some more amazing Fiji facts are:

10. Fijian People:

Every country must have people, who were the first residents of that place and got there first. Similarly, the original residents of Fiji came there about 3000 years ago and are names as Lapita People.

Fiji Facts, Fijian People

9. Fiji Facts – Unique Flower:

A flower named The tagimaucia which is actually a beautiful red-and-white plant blooms in one and only one place through the world, that is the banks of the Tagimaucia River, located in the Fiji’s Taveuni Island.

Fiji Facts, Unique Flower

8. Living In Past And Present:

Have you lived in the past and also in the present? Fear not, you can do that in Fiji. The International Date Line runs island of Taveuni, one of Fiji’s island, so you can say to everyone that you have your one foot in Past date and the one in present date.

Fiji Facts, Living In Past And Present

7. Fijian Culture:

Fijian people do discriminate between their chief villages and normal people. The chiefs in Fijian villages are the sole people able to wear hats and sunglasses. The top of everyone’s heard can’t be touched and should be protected.

Fiji Facts, Fijian Culture

6. Fijian Geography:

FIJIAN LAND is a number of different islands but the area covers about 7045 square miles of land and not only that, the Fiji is nothing without its coastline. Coastline covers about 702 miles of coastline.

Fijian Geography

5. Fijian Climate:

Fijian climate is very peaceful and tropical, where the normal temperature ranges from 68F to 90F. The weather is always suitable for beach days.

Fijian Climate

4. Fijian Rainfall:

If you love rain, you might want to go to Fiji. Normally there is 70 inches of rainfall in Fiji. Because of these rains, the temperature of Fiji remains neutral and extremely pleasant.

Fijian Rainfall

3. Fiji Inhabitants:

Fiji’s population is mostly resided in the largest island of Fiji called, Viti Levu. This island has the capital city of Fiji called SUVA. Mount Tomanivi, the highest peak across Fiji is also located in the island of FIJI. This island is a collection of many landmarks and tourist spots.

Fiji Inhabitants

2. Fijian History:

Just like many other countries, Fiji was also one of those countries that got independence from the Britishers. Fiji remained a British colony for 96 years until 1970, and it was at that point that Fijian people couldn’t take the evils of their Masters anymore. Fijian people celebrated their Independence on October 10, 1970 and still do.

Fijian History, Fiji Facts

1. Fijian Islands:

Unlike other countries, Fiji is a collection of more than 300 islands; 333 islands to be exact. All these islands are scattered and have a rugged landscape but amazing and beautiful beaches. Out of all these 333 island, only 1/3rd of these islands are populated by people. The population of Fiji is concentrated mainly in the islands of  Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.

Fijian Islands, Fiji Facts

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