Top 10 Norway Tourist Attractions – Lofoten, Lofoten, Jotunheimen, Oslofjord

Norway is said to be the best for snow caped sceneries and one of the best transport system in the world for common people as well as tourists, and there are some tourists attractions in the country that are natural where the others are just created and made by people to increase the beauty of their country. Each and every thing they make is of exemplary architecture and becomes a piece of art. Here are the top ten Norway tourist attractions.

10. Bryggen:

It is a world heritage site of a series of buildings of old era and it has been announced as the world heritage site by UNESCO. It is also known as tyskebryggen.

Norway Tourist Attractions, Bryggen

9. Spitsbergen:

It is the northernmost residential place of the world but has a very thin population of almost 37,000 people and these people are really tough when it comes to bearing all kinds of weathers. It is one the best places to visit in n Norway and view some really amazing species of wildlife and sea life.

Norway Tourist Attractions, Spitsbergen

8. Jotunheimen:

It is the combination of some really good mountains and rivers, lakes, and all kinds of natural sights to be seen. Another attraction of this place is the reindeer population that exists there.

Norway Tourist Attractions, Jotunheimen

7. Atlantic Ocean Road:

It is kind of a bridge made over the Atlantic Ocean and it is a very short road but has gained a very important place in the tourist attractions of Norway because of its beauty.

Norway Tourist, Atlantic Ocean Road

6. Lillehammer:

Yet another place of Norway in which there are more than 100 historical buildings in an open air museum, some parks and skating and skiing and other many options too. It is a place open for all, around the year.

Norway Tourist Attractions, Lillehammer

5. Norway Tourist Attractions – Oslofjord:

It is kind of a whole locality in which all things of Oslo are summarized at one place. Most of the places in Norway have to offer multiple amusements options for visitors.

Norway Tourist Attractions, Oslofjord

4. Fram Museum:

This museum tells the whole story of polar evolution of Norway with the help of monuments. The story telling cannot be told in words, it is only able to be seen with eyes of visitors.

Norway Tourist Attractions, Fram Museum

3. Kon tiki Museum:

Kon tiki was the name of an exploration and the museum has the things that have to do with this exploration. This museum also houses a library with above 8000 books.

Norway Tourist Attractions, Kon tiki Museum

2. Lofoten:

Lofoten is among the top ten tourist attractions of Norway because of its beautiful sceneries and natural scenes that comprise all natural treasures like beaches, bays, rivers and mountains.

Norway Tourist Attractions, Lofoten

1. National Gallery:

This is an art gallery which is a part of national museum of Norway, and it mostly has monuments related to architecture and design.

National Gallery, Norway Tourist Attractions

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