Top 10 Pizza Places In Canada 2016

We say a big hello to all the pizza lovers in Canada. Yes, Canadians love for pizza and nothing in the world can make their love any less for pizza. Pizza, however being an Italian origin dish, but no other nation in the world can get that extent of love for pizza as Canadians do.

We cannot deny the fact that pizza is a complete dish with a serving of vegetables to meats and more than one kinds of cheese along with whole grain products used for bread. All in all, it is a delicious scrumptious appetizing meal for all cheese lovers. Treat a pizza lover with a variety of toppings and they will be yours forever (kidding ehh).

Making as well as eating pizza, both are fun to do. Let us have look at Top 10 Pizza Places In Canada where they love to make pizzas and customers appreciate them a lot.

10. Boston Pizza

It is Canada based pizza place with more than 350 outlets. Nothing in the world beats their taste. They have now extended their networks to various other countries too.

Top 10 Pizza Places In Canada, Boston Pizza

9. Gabriel Pizza

Have a look at their menu online and you will not be able to stop yourself from visiting your nearest outlet soon. They offer a wide variety of foods other than pizza and have specialty in making all of these things very tasty.

Top 10 Pizza Places In Canada, Gabriel Pizza

8. Mikes

It is a chain of restaurants in Canada. It is not basically a typical pizza place, but their pizza is a must try for sure, because they have expertise in Italian style cooking.

Top 10 Pizza Places In Canada, Mikes

7. Mother’s Pizza

They were one of the famous restaurants in 1970 to 1980 period, and are now reviving as one of the best pizza places in Canada with almost 120 outlets.

Top 10 Pizza Places In Canada, Mother’s Pizza

6. Panago

This is not a typical dine in place to eat pizza but delivers and offers take away facility for those who love to eat at home. Each of its outlets is not owned by same person, so you can experience a slight change in taste for each outlet.

Top 10 Pizza Places In Canada, Panago

5. Pizza Pizza

One of the top pizza places of Canada with franchises in more than 500 locations over the country. They offer pizza at its best.

Top 10 Pizza Places In Canada, Pizza Pizza

4. Pizza 73

Seems like there are not many pizza places in Canada. Positive point about it is that it becomes easy to choose a pizza place to dine in. Pizza 73 is also owns by Pizza Pizza.

Top 10 Pizza Places In Canada, Pizza 73

3. Pizza Delight

It is named as their style of serving. They are delighted to serve pizza and delight you by serving their pizza. It is perfect thing to look up for a random family dinner.

Top 10 Pizza Places In Canada, Pizza Delight

2. Twice the deal pizza

Their primary focus is health, not just taste. It makes them a great choice for diet conscious people.

Top 10 Pizza Places In Canada, Twice the deal pizza

1. Pizza Nova

They have been serving Canadians since 1963. It is the best Canadian pizza place so far. Domino’s is also a franchise of Pizza Nova.

Top 10 Pizza Places In Canada, Pizza Nova


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