Top 10 Places To Live In The World

This world is an intriguing place to live in. Sometimes you get to such places which you dislike the moment you step there and are not convinced by what it has to offer. But sometimes, you visit a place and you completely fall in love with its people, its beauty, landmarks, its positives and its negatives. You wonder that there isn’t any place much beautiful than this. You want to just pick up all your things and move there. Nowadays, our world has only limited places to offer which are safe, beautiful and appropriate for living. Many places in the world today have been marked dangerous due to conflicts, proxy wars or political unbalance. These limited ‘safe haven’ places will be discussed in the following list which offers their visitors security, entertainment and most of all peace and serenity. Here is the list of  Top 10 Places To Live In The World.

  1. Netherlands

Situated in Western Europe, Netherlands is a small country with a limited population and comprises of three islands of the Caribbean. Netherlands is famous for its architecture, beautiful and historic landmarks and most of all numerous prestigious universities that offer education to students from around the globe, an economical and upscale education. Its famous city Amsterdam has contributed to its inclusion in this list.

Top 10 Places To Live In The World, Netherlands

  1. New Zealand

Famous for having an extremely low corruption rate, New Zealand has a lot to offer to its visitors. 95% of its population comprises of animals and wildlife. Its famous Sky Tower, clear blue waters and most of all safe and uncorrupt environments attracts visitors to New Zealand from all over the world.

Top 10 Places To Live In The World, New Zealand

  1. Qatar

Qatar is known for being the 2nd richest country in the world. It is famous for its low tax rates, low unemployment rate of 0.1% and a low illiteracy rate as well. It has made proper educational institutions for its population and has included a dress code followed by all, which makes for a disciplined and obligated society.

Top 10 Places To Live In The World, Qatar

  1. Switzerland

A peaceful and a serene country, Switzerland is famous for its mesmerizing scenic beauty, safety and quality of life. Any citizen is extremely safe and trustworthy in this country. It has extreme political stability and is considered a safe place to invest in.

Top 10 Places To Live In The World, Switzerland

  1. Luxembourg

Having the highest GDP of the world, Luxembourg is an extremely safe and beautiful country to live in. It assures quality of life and wealth to its citizens. Even though its population is not much, it has numerous tourist spots that attracts people from all over the world.

Top 10 Places To Live In The World, Luxembourg

  1. Iceland

One of the top 15 richest countries of the world, Iceland is a beautiful city that offers cleanliness, safety and most of all peace to its citizens. It has a literacy rate of 99.9% and mostly people are seen buying or reading books. This country has no army but has rescue teams and Guards that make it a beautiful country to live in.

Top 10 Places To Live In The World, Iceland

  1. Australia

Home of the kangaroos, Australia is an exceptional country with numerous tourist spots; natural and man-made. Australians are extremely helpful to every other country of the world, having a high literacy rate and high life expectancy. Life here is like on Paradise.

Top 10 Places To Live In The World, Australia

  1. Norway

Home to numerous natural resources, Norway is an exceptional country that offers scenic beauty, peace and serenity to its citizens. It has fresh clean water and air and allows its citizens to enjoy natural beauty of rivers lakes and parks. It is famous for being a clean and a pure country.

Top 10 Places To Live In The World, Norway

  1. Sweden

Earning this position, Sweden is a beautiful city offering many services to its citizens by the government. It provides a clean, fresh and peaceful environment to its masses. Sweden is rich in natural resources and has extremely amazing landmarks that make people want to visit Sweden again and again.

Top 10 Places To Live In The World, Sweden

  1. Denmark

Scoring to the top, Denmark is the only place on earth where crime and murder rates are approaching zero. Home to numerous amazing landmarks, Denmark is famous for being the happiest place on earth, having a potent health care and employment system. And an amazing thing, Demark produced the most favorite object ‘LEGOS’.

Top 10 Places To Live In The World, Denmark

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