Top 10 Armenia Cities By Population

Let us have a look at the Armenia Cities that are the most highly and densely populated. We are going to discuss here about the top ten of them here. All the populations given here are according to the census of 2011.

10. Ijevan:

It is a town kind of a city with a population of 21,081 only. Still it is the most highly populated city of the province Tavush, and also the administrative centre of the tavush province too.

Armenia Cities, Ijevan

9. Artashat:

Artashat is the capital of the province Ararat in Armenia with a total population of 22,269. This city was founded in 1945, and before this city, an ancient city existed also called Artashat by the name of which the new city was founded.

Armenia Cities, Artashat

8. Armavir:

Armavir city of Armenia is in the province also named Armavir and has the total population of 29,319. This city is also named after an ancient city. In the past few years this city was also called Hoktemberyan and Sardarapat.

Armenia Cities, Armavir

7. Hrazdan:

Hrazdan is the capital of Kotayk province of Armenia with the total population of 41,875. In the past, Hrazdan was one the most industrially active cities of Armenia.

Armenia Cities, Hrazdan

6. Armenia Cities – Kapan:

Kapan is the capital of Syunik province of Armenia. The total population of Kapan is 43,190. It is located in beautiful valley besides the river. Kapan was previously known as Ghapan.

Armenia Cities, Kapan

5. Abovyan:

The total population of Abovyan is 43,495. It is the province of Kotayk and situated very close to the Yerevan city of Armenia. Railway also passes through this city which connects it to other parts of the country.

Armenia Cities, Abovyan

4. Vagharshapat:

Total population of Vagharshapat according to 2011 census is 46,550. This is one of the ancient cities in Armenia, and its foundation dates back to 685 BC. Being thousands of years old cities, it has many ancient heritages to be seen.

Armenia Cities, Vagharshapat

3. Vanadzor:

The foundation of Vanadzor dates back to 18th century and has a total population of 86,199. Vanadzor is the capital of Lori province in is one of the big cities of Armenia, being on number 3 with respect to area as well as population.

Armenia Cities, Vanadzor

2. Gyumri:

Gyumri is the second largest city of Armenia with respect to area and population too. Gyumri was also called Kumari and later known as Alexandropol. Its total population is 121,976 according to the census of 2011.

Armenia Cities, Gyumri

1. Yerevan:

Yerevan is the biggest city of Armenia and its population is total 1,060,138. Armenia is the biggest city as per area and also has vital importance in the country because it is the capital of Armenia. Other than all this, the city is always under constant evolution with respect to every aspect of life.

Armenia Cities, Yerevan

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