Top Ten Beaches In The World

Top Ten Beaches In The World

With summers coming right up one always tries to plan a grand vacation. Wanderers who can afford to travel abroad for holidays try to find the best of the best vacation spots and well going on a holiday without really hitting the beach is like not making the most of it at all and here is why we have compiled a list of the Top Ten Beaches In The World. Do go if you plan on going abroad. Beaches are a must!

10. White Beach

Located in Boracay, White beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is a white sand beach as the name suggests and has the most spectacular view. This particular beach is regarded as the one of the best relaxation spot in the world where people come to unwind. The best time to visit this breathtaking beach is between Decembers to May.

Top Ten Beaches In The World, White Beach Boracay

9. Rabbit Beach

On the coast of Italy, Rabbit beach is considered one of the best beaches in the world. The tourists love the breathtaking view, and soft, golden sand. The water there is crystal clear and has a tinge of aquamarine color which makes it more soothing to look at. It is best to visit rabbit beach between May to September.

Top Ten Beaches In The World, Rabbit Beach

8. Siesta Beach

Beaches in Florida have always been famous but Siesta beach is just the best one out of them all. Photographers from all over the world would kill to add it to their collection of photographs and so would the tourists. It is everyone’s all-time favorite spot.

Top Ten Beaches In The World, Siesta Beach

7. Eagle Beach

Eagle beach is a peaceful beach in Aruba and has been a tourist spot for as long as the locals can remember the beach has the bluest waters and a splendid view. It is secluded and a very nice getaway place for people who look for peaceful places. Not to mention the newlyweds can have a lot of privacy to so it is a great honeymoon spot.

Top Ten Beaches In The World, Eagle Beach

6. Nai Harn Beach

Thailand has always been famous for its beaches so it should not come to you as a surprise that Nai Harn Beach is in the list. This beach has few resorts and hotels but one of the most peaceful places known to people. It is perfect for people who like swim in the oceans and seas. Snorkeling and diving is a popular activity.

Top Ten Beaches In The World, Nai Harn Beach

5. Iztuzu Beach

Turkey is just one heavenly place and you can now imagine yourself that how perfect their beaches would be. Iztuzu beach is a nesting beach (turtles) and a heaven on earth for swimmers.

Top Ten Beaches In The World, Iztuzu Beach

4. Baia do Sancho Beach

Rio de Janeiro is known for its beaches in the world. Baia do Sancho Beach was voted as the best beach in the world in 2015 and it indeed is the best out them all. The crystal clear water, the perfect sunsets and the amazingly soft sands is just too much to be not considered as one of the best.

Top Ten Beaches In The World, Baia do Sancho Beach

3. Grace Bay

Grace Bay is considered the best beach of Caribbean because of its sheer beauty, white sand. It provides water sports like parasailing and wind surfing. Several resorts are there to accommodate the tourists and make their stay comfortable and worthwhile.

Top Ten Beaches In The World, Grace Bay

2. Playa Paraiso

Located on the western coast of Cozumel this beach is rarely ever crowded but that is the beauty of it. People who seek seclusion and silence would find this the perfect spot for their vacation as it does not have all the loud city noises and gives one the privacy that is required every once in a while. Bonus being that it is extremely beautiful.

Top Ten Beaches In The World, Playa Paraiso

1 Vaadhoo Island

If you want an out of the world experience then Vaadhoo Island seems like the perfect spot. Wanna know why? Because the beach glows in the dark. Yes it is perfect and the most magical place on the earth. It is beyond beautiful. This beach comes to life at night. Do visit as soon as possible.

Top Ten Beaches In The World, Vaadhoo Island

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