Worst Traffic – Top Ten Cities With Worst Traffic

Traffic jam is a common problem in big cities of the world. No matter how managed a city is, it encounters some traffic jam at some or the other point in life. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to handle traffic in big cities. Even the law enforcement agencies especially the traffic police are sometimes helpless to control traffic. It is one of the biggest problems of the big cities of the world. No big city in the world has ever said that it has never gone through a major traffic jam. Below are listed the ten cities of the world with the worst traffic jams ever.

10. Los Angeles:

Los Angeles is among the biggest cities of the world situated in the super power country of America. This city is tenth worst city for traffic jams with a congestion rate of 39%.

Worst Traffic, Los Angeles

9. Warsaw:

This city of Poland is one of the busiest cities of the world with ninth most congested city of the world with respect to traffic. Warsaw has a congestion rate of 40%.

Worst Traffic, Warsaw

8. Bucharest:

The city of Bucharest is in Transylvania. However, the name of this city is not so well known around the world, but it is one the busiest cities of the world. When it comes to traffic in Bucharest, the congestion rate is 41%.

Worst Traffic, Bucharest

7. Saint Petersburg:

This city of Florida is the 7th worst city for traffic jams in the world with a congestion rate of 44%.

Worst Traffic, Saint Petersburg

6. Recife:

This Brazilian city is huge and a very busy city too. And it is a common problem of a busy city to encounter a traffic jam. Recife has a traffic congestion rate of 45%.

Worst Traffic, Recife

5. Salvador:

Seems like Brazil has lot of traffic issues. Well, Salvador is yet another worst city for traffic being on 5th with a congestion rate of 46%.

Worst Traffic, Salvador

4. Moscow:

Situated in European Russia, Moscow has every problem that every big city faces. Moscow is the 4th worst city with to respect to traffic with congestion rate of 50%.

Worst Traffic, Moscow

3. Rio de Janeiro:

And here is Brazil again, worst traffic cities of the world are in Brazil. This city has the 3rd worst traffic in the world with congestion rate of 51%.

Rio de Janeiro

2. Mexico City:

American city of Mexico is the 2nd worst traffic jam city of the world with a congestion rate of 55%.

Mexico City

1. Istanbul:

Worst ever city of the world with respect to traffic jams is the city of turkey, Istanbul. This city has the highest congestion rate of 58%. So, beware when you head to Istanbul, Do not get stuck!

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