Top Ten Historical Places In World


Top Ten Historical Places in World

Historical places are the identification of the country that depends on the histories and their cultures. It dominates the reality of the persons from where it to belongs.  The global analysis proves that numerous authentic places in the world that describes the story behind them such as Kaaba, Taj Mahal, Statue Of Liberty, Wall Of China, Christ The Redeemer, Pyramid Of Giza,  Athens, Colosseum, are those of the old infrastructures that describing their life stories. Here we have Top Ten Historical Places In World

10): Petra

The first name of Petra is Sila in 312 BC, and it called a rose city, this situated in Jordan. Their way of ornaments are attractive that furnished by a rock to increase the demand for this place.

Top Ten Historical Places In World, Petra

9): Stonehenge

The Stonehenge located in England that made in 2500 BC where bronzes of age buried. It is the famous place that old callers take part to create this landmark.

Top Ten Historical Places In World, Stonehenge

8): Colosseum

It can found in Italy and historical attraction of their people. It was made the 18th century promote the Roman country and their survivors. Colosseum is the power of glory for tourist that cannot neglect.

Top Ten Historical Places In World, Colosseum

7): Athens

Athens situated in Greece in 440 BC. It is the beautiful site for the tourist. It is the unique practical design that found in the top of miles where many of the monuments found like Acropolis, Agora, Parthenon, Syntagma Square, National Archeological Museum, Cape Sounion, The Plaka, and The Template of Poseidon.

Top Ten Historical Places In World, Athens

6): Pyramid of Giza

Giza is the famous by the mathematical symbol on a pyramid. It is the tremendous history of Egypt. The Egyptian civilizations elaborate the framework of a pyramid of Giza to praises the Pharaoh Khafra. In the present day, many people consider the Giza as a religious place.

Top Ten Historical Places In World, Pyramid of Giza

5): Christ the Redeemer

The Christ Redeemer is the collection of modern art in recent period that describes the nature through his portrait. It is the mark to provide a charity all of those who are needy people and compassionate society.

Top Ten Historical Places In World, Christ the Redeemer

4): Wall of China

It is a history of Qin Shi Huang Chinese emperor who built the wall of China by stones in 221 BC. There were two dynasties appeared on north and west of China that visible the interference. The last decade, Ming Dynasty solves their issue and reconstructs the wall of China to preserve their tradition.

Top Ten Historical Places In World, Wall of China

3): Statue of Liberty

Ten years pass the cultural heritage is located in New York City to convey the greetings the United States and Franchisees. The statue is the sign of the sovereignty to represents the self-determination from democracy. It has created since 1875 to 1886.

Top Ten Historical Places In World, Statue of Liberty

2): Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is the famous region from ancient times to the modern period. It can found in Agra in India. The place where you could see the story of love, affection, and inspiration that built by Mughal emperor’s Shah Jahan for his wife, Mumtaz Mahal to tribute with her honor.

Top Ten Historical Places In World, Taj Mahal

1): Khana Kaaba

Khana Kaaba is the Islamic place for the Muslim world. It located in Saudi Arabia. It manufactured through Hazrat Ibrahim and Hazrat ismail. Every Muslim has an obligatory to complete the Hajj once in a lifetime.

Top Ten Historical Places In World, Khana Kaaba


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