Top Ten Malaysian Island

As discussed in the last article, Malaysia is a unique and an extraordinary country with countless beautiful tourist spots, diversity in cultures and tropical rainforests. After struggling through an era of captures and invasions, Malaysia went onto becoming a world famous tourist country, consisting of several different beautiful islands which are unique in their features. Due to its tourist industry, Malaysia is well on its way to becoming a well-developed country. All the islands of Malaysia have beautiful clear blue waters, amazing beaches and top notch resorts and adventure spots. Despite all these, these islands also have old villages, temples and rainforests. Top Ten Malaysian Island are:

10. Pangkor Island

Also known as Pulau Pangkor is a beautiful Malaysian island located on coast of Perak, Malaysia having a population 25000 people. It consists of mesmerizing beaches and resorts that attract tourists and make them want to come back for more. It has some traditional landmarks like Chinese Fu Lin Kong Temple and the Kali Amman Temple.

Top Ten Malaysian Island, Pangkor Island

9. Kapas Island

Located 6 km to the east of Marang, Malaysia is a beautiful and an astonishing Island called Pulau Kapas or Kapas Island. It is mainly famous for its beautiful beaches that resemble cotton because of their soft white sand and Hence the name ‘Kapas’. It has a beautiful marine life and people visit this island mostly for scuba diving and the beautiful clear blue waters.

Top Ten Malaysian Island, Kapas Island

8. Pulau Layang Layang

An old name of this Island, Swallow Reef, is a disputed island, claimed by China and administered by Malaysia. This Island is any diver’s paradise with beautiful locations for diving and admirable beaches. This island is surrounded by coral reefs and is located in South China Sea with 600 other islands, termed as ‘Spratly islands’

Top Ten Malaysian Island, Pulau Layang Layang

7. Pulau Gaya

Lying just off the coast of Kota Kinabalu, it’s a beautiful island called Gaya Island. It comprises of numerous beaches, extravagant resorts and extremely beautiful rainforests. It also has a beautiful marine park where you can enjoy marine life as well as enjoy diving too.

Top Ten Malaysian Island, Pulau Gaya

6. Sipadan Island

Pulau Sipadan is located off the east coast of Borneo, Malaysia. This island is famous among divers and has a range of beautiful species like sea turtles, reef fish and the dangerous hammerhead sharks. This island is now becoming unused because of the violation of these species.

Top Ten Malaysian Island, Sipadan Island

5. Pulau Mabul

Mabul Island is located off the southeastern coast of Sabah. It is extremely famous for its beautiful white sand beaches with coconut trees and more importantly, its turquoise water. This location is famous for diving and is home to beautiful resorts and beaches. It has limited marine life as well.

Top Ten Malaysian Island, Pulau Gaya

4. Redang Island

Pulau Redang is a mesmerizing island, located to the east coast off Malaysia. It has world famous beaches with soft white sand and extremely clear as crystal blue waters. People visit Redang mainly for diving or better yet jungle trekking as it is home to many rainforests and jungles.

Top Ten Malaysian Island, Redang Island

3. Pulau Tioman

Situated between coral reefs, Tioman is an astonishing island with diving and snorkeling spots. It has an old village Juara where people visit to discover the traditions and culture of Malaysia and has beautiful waterfalls and rainforests. This island was also featured in the movie ‘south pacific’, earning 3rd position.

Top Ten Malaysian Island, Pulau Tioman

2. Perhentian Island

Situated close to the Thai border, Perhentian Island is famous for its extremely beautiful beaches and clear waters. The housing here is extremely economical and it has many different adventurous activities and tourist spots for its visitors. This island is mainly covered with jungles and is a definite tourist place for Malaysian visitors.

Top Ten Malaysian Island, Perhentian Island

1. Langkawi Island

Earning the top position is an extremely mesmerizing island, located in the Andaman Sea. It is one of the 99 Malaysian islands and is famous solely because of its beaches and also because of the mountains, not found anywhere else. People can take a cable car ride up the mountain to see the view of Thailand from there. Not only that, Langkawi offers it visitors with numerous activities and old villages to visit.

Top Ten Malaysian Island, Langkawi Island

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