Top Ten Norway Holidays – All Saints Day, New Year, Easter, Labor Day

Other than weekend, festivals and occasions are the days when people of every country wait for an extra holiday, especially on the days when the whole country has a day off, everyone can enjoy the holiday along with enjoying the festival or occasion that falls on this day. Let us see what the ten public Norway Holidays are?

10. New Year Day:

In every country of the world, New Year day is celebrated as holiday for everyone to have fresh start of the New Year in order to perform well throughout the year. In Norway it is a public holiday on 1st January.

Norway Holidays, New Year Day

9. Thursday Before Easter:

In Norway, the last Thursday before Easter is public holiday on account of religious tradition, and people are given relaxation at this holy event.

Norway Holidays, Thursday Before Easter

8. Friday before Easter:

Same is the case with Friday before Easter, it is a public holiday for everyone in Norway to prepare for Easter and make the festival as a holy occasion in true means.

Norway Holidays, Friday before Easter

7. Norway Holidays – Easter:

Easter is the holy festival and all Christians wait for it throughout the year. Ti is a public holiday in Norway in all cities, and all people do is pray and relax at home or enjoy with family. Even the day after Easter is a day off for everyone to rest.

Norway Holidays, Easter

6. Labor Day:

This day is also called as the international workers day and celebrated on the May 1st in order to pay tribute to all those who work hard to make this world a better place and to earn themselves a living.

Labor Day

5. Constitution day:

The constitution of Norway was adopted on 17th may 1814 and this day has then become a memorable day in the history of the country.  It is a common practice to celebrate constitution day in many countries worldwide.

Constitution day

4. 39th day after Easter:

This day is also a holiday because of some religious significance of roman and catholic Christians.

39th day after Easter

3. 49th and 50th day after Easter:

These two days are also off in Norway because of religious importance. It seems like all of the holidays in Norway are almost related to Easter.

49th and 50th day after Easter

2. Christmas:

Christmas is the day when Jesus Christ was born. This day is celebrated every year all over the world with full zeal and zest, and religious ceremonies being held in churches followed by Christmas parties. To enjoy this day to fullest, Poland has a holiday on 25th December every year.

Christmas Holidays

1. All Saints Day:

This is also a holiday observed in many other countries in which Christianity is the religion of majority of the people. All saints day is also token of respect for religion by the government. It is celebrated on 26th December every year.

All Saints Day, Norway Holidays

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