Top Ten World Dangerous Roads

Whenever we think about travelling, a set of question rises in our mind like what is our destination? What way to choose? Which shortcuts to take? Which route is the safest? Which route will save the most of our time? And many other countless questions also arise in our mind. One of the most important things to think about travelling is that the route and the roads we choose to travel are safe to go. When we travel by road, and that too from city to city or any other longer road trips, we expect to have all kinds of roads and paths in our way. Here is the list of Top Ten World Dangerous Roads.

It is a reported study that more than a million of people die every year due to road accidents around the world. Reasons behind these deaths might be lack of safety measures by the drivers and the road constructors as well. Sometimes the travelers do not have any option other than travelling from a dangerous road.

10. Karakoram Highway, Pakistan

It is among the hardest rods to travel in the world but lead to that part of the world which can be considered as paradise on earth. It is dangerous because of risks of travelling on a road constructed on a mountain.

Top Ten World Dangerous Roads, Karakoram Highway

9. Guoliang tunnel Road, China:

One little mistake can make your life at stake because this road is meters and meters of long and wide. Only focused rivers can survive here.

Top Ten World Dangerous Roads, Guoliang tunnel Road, China

8. Tianmen Mountain Road, China:

With 99 turns in all, this road is also one of the dangerous roads of the world to drive sure to the number of turn it has and it’s difficult to maintain a uniform acceleration here.

Top Ten World Dangerous Roads, Tianmen Mountain Road, China

7. The Stelvio Pass, Italy:

If you look carefully at the overall view of this road, it may look that someone has just scribbled upon the mountains, and imagine the life threat travelling along each line of that scribbling carefully, obviously terrifying.

Top Ten World Dangerous Roads, The Stelvio Pass, Italy

6. Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand:

No double way, no smoothness and all slippery. This is what this road has in all. Travels come here only with a special permit.

Top Ten World Dangerous Roads, Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand

5. Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China:

This highway connects two locations in china but undergoes rockslides and land sliding that makes this road dangerous.

Top Ten World Dangerous Roads, Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China

4: Rohtang Pass, India:

With uneven road surface and lot of big vehicle coming from both sides, indeed a very dangerous road to travel from.

Top Ten World Dangerous Roads, Rohtang Pass, India

3. Zojila Pass, India:

Seems like India and china have too many dangerous roads, and this is also one of them. You have to take care of cliffs and livestock while travelling. Any herd or a single animal can come from anywhere and you have to choose between its life and yours.

Top Ten World Dangerous Roads, Zojila Pass, India

2. Jalalabad-Kabul road, Afghanistan:

This main road connects Jalalabad with Kabul, it is a kind of a narrow winding over a mountain and you have to travel on that narrow winding kind of road, plus the threat of Taliban is always there.

Top Ten World Dangerous Roads, Jalalabad Kabul road, Afghanistan

1. North Yungas Road, Bolivia:

It is recorded that almost over 300 deaths occur on this road every year. This is why it is famous as the road of death among people around the world. All of these happen due to lot of cross markings on the road which supposed to be fatal.

Top Ten World Dangerous Roads, North Yungas Road, Bolivia

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